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They take care of my hair look and not only, surely that of some of the most famous and fascinating stars of the moment. They are the Tessier brothers, also this year the protagonists with their hairstyles, at the Tennis Internationals. Theirs is a craft made with hands, a practice that adds to the theoretical knowledge the added value of their taste and sensitivity, a mix of which, in other ways, I had already investigated, which is why I call them my “restorers” .

If I look at Giuseppe and Carlo, calmly and carefully, I can discover what is really behind their gestures, the harmony of the movement, the rituality of the act, the elegance that reveals an ancient alchemy: that of the master craftsmen, of work patient who perform in their salons, to transform beauty into “style”.

Tessier Elenia 2What does it mean to have the hair stylist in the salon and do it instead for a big event, on the heads of divas and divine? Are there any differences?
There are no differences when you work, we put the same passion in both cases. For us, every customer is “unique”. Certainly the pace of work changes, in a short time during the event you have to get the same result that you would get in the salon with more time available. Every customer is a challenge for us.


How did you decide to start this work?
It is a shared passion between me and my brother. Think my brother Carlo already at the age of 11 he went to work with a friend of ours hairdresser under the house. I started a little later, around the age of 13. One day I went to a fashion show and I was a model. Talking to the hairdressers, one of them suggested that I work for him and … here I am!

Tessier al lavoroHow much do you work?
It engages us totally, it is a job we love to do madly. I would say: we know when we enter the salon, but we do not know when we go out. And once out of there, the work continues: chatting with people, doing refresher courses, teaching and always looking for new and quality products to use in our salons.

What aspect do you love most about your job?
Make people happy. Seeing them go away with a smile is priceless, I can’t describe you in words.

What is professional success for you?
It is difficult to answer. Professional success is when someone chooses us rather than another hair stylist. Here, I like the idea of being chosen.

What are the trends for this summer?
As for the haircuts 2015, yes to the very short helmets, a sort of return to the 1980s for a safe and saucy femininity. Disheveled cuts, rebel fringes to which to associate compact, warm and tone on tone colors. On all the cold blond.

Tessier al lavoro biondoI like the spirit that inspires their soul of artisans, a free and amused spirit together, that never forgets the competent effort of the search for the new, of beauty through its attributes and the welcoming listening of the people who pass by there.

Tessier Elenia e Anto 2Because the real joy is in doing and creating and their virtue lies in doing it well.

Tessier Elenia e Anto

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