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Where We Are Going – Probable trends for the coming years: natural botulinum

Probable trends for the coming years: art, health, values, feelings, society, economy, aesthetics, uses, customs and more. Where are we going? Do you suggest topics?

Eat organic, alternative energies fascinate you, refuse furs, privilege electronic mail to paper, check the ingredients of the products, put the mask on by pedaling … and look? In the name of new-found nature, are we moving towards widespread wrinkles, flowing hair, free kilos and ineluctably white hair? It may be a choice – in the world there is room for everyone – but the greatest probability is that beauty, tomorrow, will be “natural to Botox”, sums up Carlo Tessier, the hairdresser of Al Pacino, Noah, Kevin Costner, of the fashion shows of Valentino, from other celebrities.
What does it mean?

“That we will see less and less greasy skinned labiales. The taste will grow, the desire for naturalness which, as we all know, is achieved with the maximum of artifice (not only in the aesthetic field). Women and men – the presence of the latter is constantly increasing in beauty salons – will be able to make the best use of Botox, avoiding exaggerating as often happens today, and adequately supporting it with hyaluronic acid. Clearly, in this perspective, the age will always count less. I believe that (almost) nobody regrets the times when the physical aspect decayed around the age of 50 if not before; we are discovering the pleasure of dyed hair, a nice cut, a sensible hair removal, dull clothes; even more so why not Botox? Among other things, with smoother skin, perhaps tanned with essential oils, you have a healthy air, you can also avoid makeup. In short, the maximum naturalness ”

“Certainly, attention will be paid to the quality of products. For the rest, no more dressed up or sumptuous or solemn or elaborate hairstyles; the hair will have to look natural. (And in fact. It was a masterpiece of wisdom and artifice, that hairdo like “go out-from-the-shower-you-dry-and-go” that Al Pacino exhibited at the last Venice Film Festival, ed.). As for length and color, it depends on the person. A hairdresser must enhance the characters, the peculiarities. Beauty is not perfection; beauty is Picasso. And it will always be more so. Exactly the opposite of what the usual cliché about the alleged progressive homologation mentions. There are also curiosities. For example, purple appears to be linked to periods of crisis; as it comes out it increases the desire for red, associated with the idea of ​​rebirth, of liberation (perhaps this is why tradition recommends it for the New Year) ”.

For Carlo Tessier work is vocation, updating, enthusiasm. At 10 he secretly went to help his mother’s hairdresser, at 16 he left school to work on it, throwing the parents who wanted him a degree in consternation. From a lifetime he comes and goes with London (“You can be better than everyone but if you don’t keep updating your mind closes, if you don’t know the trends your professional life stops because what you do today is already old at the same time where you do it “). In his Roman ateliers he works 10/12 hours a day, on Sunday and Monday he teaches and / or prepares fashion shows (“Sometimes the boys tell me they are tired, maybe they are right but at 20 years old how do you want to take off? I also now I would go on every day until midnight “)

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